Kabaddi World Cup 2016 Final Teams For 22nd October 2016


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Kabaddi World Cup 2016 Final Teams For 22nd October 2016


Today was 2 semi final matches between Korea And Iran out of which Iran won and is now selected in Finals and 2nd Semi Final Match was b/w India And Thailand and in that match India Won and is now in Finals. Both the teams played well and match scores are updated below. The prediction for India Vs Iran Is also provided on our website.

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Final Qualifying Team :-

Republic of Korea Lost his match today and Iran took the chance to play Finals In Kabaddi World Cup 2016. All of you can watch full match on our website with full match scores, score cards, match highlights time to time with every second update.

India Vs Iran

Check India Vs Iran Final Kabaddi World Cup Match Prediction


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Teams Selected For Finals :

India and Iran have been selected for finals and now tomorrow both the teams will fight against each other and prove who is the best among both of them. The full coverage of India Vs Iran Match will be available on our website tomorrow on 22nd October 2016

Final Match Details :-

India won Today with a high score and defeated Thailand on 21st October 2016 at Ahemdabad Kabaddi Stadium. Both teams today played weel and we all know that the winner will be declared after the match of Kabaddi World Cup 2016 on 22nd October 2016.

KWC 2016 Final Match Teams Selected :

Final match of India VS Iran will be played today and the winner will be awarded with a big name of best Kabaddi team by Kabaddi world Cup 2016. We will also conduct a poll today and we will get all fans of India and Iran to tell and predict who will win the Final Kabaddi World Cup Match on 22nd October 2016. Final match of Kabaddi World Cup has been scheduled for 22nd October tomorrow for Qualified teams.


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